At Aaron Elevators, we understand the diverse needs of different industries. Our Dumbwaiter Elevators offer seamless transportation solutions, serving hotels, banquets, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and warehouses. Specifically designed for efficient handling of goods, these elevators are the ideal choice for any establishment where smooth, reliable, and secure transportation is paramount.

Types of Dumbwaiters :

Manual Dumbwaiters: Operated by hand ropes for lifting or lowering.

Powered Dumbwaiters: Easily controlled with push buttons, raising or lowering the car.

Key Features : 

Weight Capacity: Ranging from 100 lb. to 200 lb. for residential dumbwaiters; commercial options support higher loads.

Safety: Our elevator use Programmable Logic Controllers with auto fault display and detection capability.

Professional Servicing: Residential dumbwaiters require licensed elevator technicians for maintenance.

Stability: Ensures dimensional stability, high compressive strength, corrosion resistance, and overall safety during usage.