Crafted with patient safety and comfort at the forefront, our Hospital Elevators stand as pivotal installations within hospital constructions. Designed to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride for patients and their belongings, these elevators boast exceptional quality, innovative design, durability, and spaciousness. They are meticulously sized to effortlessly accommodate wheelchairs and patient beds, offering both convenience and ease of use.

Our Hospital Elevators come equipped with comprehensive safety features, ensuring a swift and secure escape route during emergencies. The vertical transportation system for modern hospitals demands spacious and durable cars, ensuring smooth and comfortable travel, precise stops, and emergency control features. Above all, our elevators are synonymous with reliability and safety.

Key Features

Capacity: Ranging from 13 persons to 40 persons

Size: Minimum size starting at 3’x7′

Doors & Interior: Customizable cabin walls available in M.S. painted, M.S. Powder coated, or Hairline brush finished stainless steel.

Our Specialities

  • Comfortable and Spacious
  • Smooth Movement
  • Accurate Door Opening
  • Precise Stop¬† Levelling
  • Emergency Control Options