Discover the Outstanding Features of Aaron Passenger Lifts in Kerala

Passenger lifts play a crucial role in everyday vertical transportation in buildings. Whether it’s a residential building or commercial infrastructure, passenger lifts ensure efficient and safe transportation between floors. Kerala, now the hub of rapid growth of high-storey buildings and architectural marvels, increases the demand for safe and reliable passenger lifts.

At Aaron, we provide premium passenger lifts with high safety features. Being one of the best Passenger lift manufacturers, Aaron Passenger lifts in Kerala are a true testament of functionality and performance. Our Passenger lift incorporates international safety standards, energy-efficient solutions, advanced technology, and Automatic or manual Door Systems.

Major Specifications of Aaron Passenger Lifts in Kerala

  • Passenger Capacity: Our passenger lifts come with different lift sizes and dimensions. Aaron Passenger lifts are capable of accommodating 2 to 40 persons.
  • Passenger Lift Speed: As one of the top lift manufacturers in Kerala, we ensure safe vertical transportation with lift speeds ranging from a single speed of 0.7 m/s to variable speeds up to 1.5m/s.
  • Safety Features: For Aaron, safety is of prime importance. Our passenger lifts have auto fault displays, Programmable Logic Controllers, detection capability, and other safety regulations.
  • Doors & Interior Features: Aaron Passenger Lifts in Kerala offers customized designs for doors and interior features of the lift. Our door systems come with both automatic and manual features.

Features of our Passenger Lifts in Kerala

  • Effortless Performance: Our elevators guarantee hassle-free vertical transportation.
  • Longevity: Our Passenger Lifts in Kerala only need minimum maintenance to offer uninterrupted functionality.
  • User-Friendly Control System: We use user-friendly control
    systems at Aaron passenger lifts for convenience.
  • Low Maintenance: Aaron passenger lift only requires minimal maintenance for smooth functioning. Eliminates the need for emergency repair.